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Upholstery Cleaning, Orange County

Orange County Upholstery Cleaners


Orange County Carpet Cleaners upholstery cleaning services will keep your furniture looking perfect at all times. Our expert technicians will clean, freshen, and revitalize each distinct piece of furniture you need us to asses to. Our skill workers have knowledge in cleaning all sorts of unique fabrics including: silk, suede, and velvet. We can also deodorize your upholstery and make it smell like new again. Keep your furniture looking beautiful for years to come by properly maintaining it with professional upholstery cleaning services by Orange County Carpet Cleaners. Your furniture will experience the deepest clean possible with our professional upholstery cleaning equipment. Using our cutting edge truck-mounted system, Orange County Carpet Cleaners can clean and condition all of your upholstered furniture, eliminating all impurities and odors – while making sure to protect the quality and beauty of your upholstery. Regular upholstery cleaning is proven to improve the air quality in your home. Mold, dust, mildew and other allergens can live in your upholstery, going unnoticed to the human eye. Professional furniture cleaning can prevent unnecessary pollutants from spreading through the air and potentially into your body. Choosing who to clean your upholstery is no small decision. Orange County Carpet Cleaners upholstery technicians have specialty designed cleaning equipment and the proper residue free formulas to gently clean even the smallest crevices and most delicate fabrics. We will help illuminate your room’s appearance as we do the same with your carpet, stone and tile and grout. That’s why Orange County Carpet Cleaners uses the same residue free cleaning process for upholstery cleaning that we do for carpet cleaning. Our specialty cleaning formula is a non-soap, ph balanced cleaner which lifts the dirt and satins away leaving no sticky soap residue behind.

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Upholstery Pet Odor/Urine Cleaning

Before we start the upholstery cleaning we will fill out an upholstered furniture condition report so we know the fabric’s general condition. The pre-inspection is a critical step so that both parties will identify potential problem areas. Orange County Carpet Cleaners then will then pre-spray your upholstery with the proper cleaning agent loosening the dirt and stains for the next step. Once the upholstery has been conditioned for the appropriate amount of time we will begin to extract your upholstery furniture with the desired amount of heat to receive the best cleaning possible.

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Upholstery Pet Odor/Urine Cleaning


Pet urine or odors can be a problem in upholstery so that is why our expert upholstery cleaners are perfect for the cleaning job. Orange County Carpet Cleaners has been cleaning pet urine and pet odors in Orange county for many years helping people get back on track with there every day lives not having to worry about a strong odor coming from there couch. We will eliminate the odor and kill the bacteria so you can worry no more about your problem in your investment.



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